Rainbow street


This is what  I made in Illustrator took me about 30 min-1 hour

If it looks a little pixelated  its because this a screen shoot. I haven’t finish yet (lol I have ideas left to do it)

So whatcha think?

Going Crazy with Owls

Up until recently as far as my Graphic Design experience would go I would only make things for some family and friends and never really myself. Also with having a busy college schedule and social life there wasn’t really anytime to expand my portfolio.This has also caused me to suffer creatively and experience wise. So I decided that I would have to find a reason to expand my graphic design skills as much as I can. I decided to join the my school’s newspaper. When I told the Production Manager of my interest to join their team she said that would have to show her the sample work. The problem with that was I didn’t have any recent work to show her, with being busy and all. So I just decided to I would just make something to show her.

And then this little guy was born:

I used Illustrator to create this little guy. Time: 20 min
I used Illustrator to create this little guy.
Time: 20 min

Since I didn’t have anything to give her I decided I would try to give her a piece of what I could do by giving her that could possible appease her. Since my college mascot is a owl I created my own little owl. I ended up really loving the design very much. The problem was this one design wouldn’t be able to showcase all I could do. Yet I have little time in the day to be able to create a slew of different designs. Also unfortunately I cannot afford to have Illustrator and the latest Photoshop. The only time I can use these programs are pretty much during school hours. Since I decided I really like this little KSU owl I chose instead of creating a whole lot of different designs to show her a sample of the type of things I could do with this one design.

Thus all of this other little backgrounds and things were created:

Just a face plate
Just a face plate
This is was just when I had
This is was just when I had an idea of a little notepad design.
This was a pattern design that I did in Illustrator. I was a little bit difficult but I'll discuss that in a later date.
This was a pattern design that I did in Illustrator. I was a little bit difficult but I’ll discuss that in a later date.

So there you go! Wish me luck!!

UPDATE: I got the position!!

Drunk in love



Originally I thought I would like this more upside down. I thought this would be a creative idea  but I don’t know maybe I’ll just inverse the other image and see how it looks by it.

I decided that maybe the inverting the image would be good. And this is what I got:



I actually really like this but I still want to see how good it looks upside down beside the inverted image.



So as you can see I took the originally image I created and flip it upside down. I thought that it would make the image interesting and show the kinda “drunk” in love vibe I wanted. Yet it seems I can’t get myself to actually like it this way. It could be that my brain can’t  comprehend why the letters are upside down so that’s why I can’t seem to like it.

Either way the clear winner is:



I think this would be a great piece to put in my kitchen. I just love the song so much :). I might blow it up to poster size.

I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to complete this project

Time: 20-30 min 

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